Just like the rest of this Psalm the sentence He Restores My Soul can’t be removed from it’s place.  It needs to be looked at right where God intended it to be.


Two weekends ago I as able to attend a conference put on by Christ Hold Fast.  If you have not looked at their resources such as devotionals, books, Facebook live videos and more you should go take a look.  They put on what are called ‘City Events’ and that is what I was able to sneak away to recently.  The whole event was about the Psalm’s.

One of the speakers chose to take a look at Psalm 23.  (YAY for me since that is what I have been looking into lately.  And YAY for you because now I get to pass it along!).  This speaker along with the other speakers who collaborate with Christ Hold Fast have a knack for bringing out things, especially Christ, where I may have glossed right over before.  He got to He leads me beside still waters and said ‘I can’t help but think this is tied to baptism’…..BOOM.

That is how he restores our souls!  We are baptized.  His leading us beside still waters reminds us of our baptism.  I know that I AM baptized.  I AM a baptized child of God.

He RestoresMy Soul.png


The reality of life is that we are depleted sinners BUT at the same time restored saints.  It is not about how we feel as much as it is about the reality we live in.  The reality of being fully a sinner yet fully restored by Christ as a saint.

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