If Nike was in need of some serious publicity they have gotten it in recent days.  Our social media feeds are FULL of articles about the recent ad featuring a certain football player.  I do have to say that some of the spoof meme’s that have been produced because of this up roar have been hilarious.

Joking aside how often do we live by the Nike motto…


How often to I tell myself to JUST DO IT!  I have told my children this exact phrase JUST DO IT!  JUST GET IT DONE!  Just get your shoes on.  Just get your room clean.  Just eat your supper. Just be nice.  Just.  Just. Just  I can give myself a long list of things to do.  Be a fantastic parent.  Don’t spend money.  Get a job.  Get the house clean.  JUST DO IT.  JUST GET IT DONE.

Living by that motto will leave a person burnt out and completely exhausted.

There are to many ‘it’s’ in life to do them all.  The personality I have wants to do it all.  My energy level then says whoa lady simmer down.  Things have to be left undone.  I think I can do it all then reality smacks me in the face.  I have to face the fact each day that no matter what I say I will get done I can not create more time to get it done.

In stark contrast to the message of Just Do It the Christians message is: It is already done.  The whole narrative of the Bible is how Jesus got it done.  The bible tells us the story of how he got from creating people, them falling away, and Him getting the job of saving them done.  All the while he stayed engaged in their lives.  He used these people he created.  He did not use them out of their perfection.  If he needed to use perfect people there would be no story.  The narrative of the bible is not JUST DO IT.  The narrative of the bible is IT IS ALREADY DONE.

and i'm yours

Knowing that Jesus already has done it lets us live a life of freedom.  We can ‘Just Do it’.  We can do it not because we have to but because we get to.  We get to be used in this big story of creation and redemption.  We don’t need to JUST DO IT to earn the love of God.  We get to do the thing because he already got our redemption done.

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