Friend, Your sins are forgiven.

This morning I had the opportunity to ask forgiveness from every one of my family members even the dog.  Obviously our morning was not a banner one.

I didn’t set my alarm today.  The plan was to get up with my hubby instead of having reading and getting ready in a quiet house time.  Around 4:30 AM the babe work up and wanted to play a kindle…I compromised with him and turned on Daniel Tiger.  Back into bed for a few sweet minutes and back up again when I was summoned for string cheese.  No big deal.  I will feed the kids cereal, me and the hubby can have left over apple pie.  I plopped down and dove into my bible reading plan.  Right now I am in the middle of Deuteronomy.  Rules, guidelines, punishments if laws are broken, and I have so many questions about these rules, laws, guidelines and punishments.

I stroll into my living room to make sure our oldest does not have PJ Pants on for school and the dog has emptied my bag full of books I am currently reading.  My favorite pens are flung about the living room.  The red pen completely in pieces.  My oldest watching TV as the dog chews the binding off of a book I was about half way through.




I then proceeded to chase the dog around the living room, make my oldest feel horrible about a book, and probably woke up the neighbors.  That just set off a chain of events.

I picked up the mess and stomped off.

A few minutes later we gathered at the table.  I had just apologized to the dog.  I now got to apologize to the whole family.  “Guys mom got overly upset about stuff, I am so sorry.”  We ate breakfast.  Learned that the MN vikings are getting a new kicker.  I had apple pie for breakfast and added ice cream.  I scooped up a helping for each of the kids too.  The forgiveness we share is way sweeter than that apple pie and ice cream we had this morning.

If it were not for the forgiveness I receive from my Savior I do not know that I wold be able to admit that I screw up big time.  I would want to justify my situation.  Even with the forgiveness of Jesus I still want to justify why I was a butt head.

I want to tell my oldest that he needs to pay attention.

I want to remind everyone that I was up at the butt crack of dawn to make sure you have everything ready.

I want to scream that I was half way through that book…AHHH.

I still want to do those things and I still do sometimes.  I don’t have to because I have the complete forgiveness of God.

That is how forgiveness plays out in life.  I can look at my kiddo and say I am so sorry AGAIN.  Mom was a huge butt head this morning.  Will you forgive me?  I can look at my husband and do the same.  I can look at the people around me and say yes I am so sorry.

I do not have to be right all the time.  I do not have to be perfect.  I don’t have to act like I am always right.  I do not always have to act like I am perfect.  I am so thankful for that because I am wrong a lot and obviously I am far from perfect.

My kids get to see what happens when we screw up.  My kids get to see that everyone sins and everyone needs forgiveness.  I hope that it creates an environment where they know they are loved and forgiven.  They are loved and forgiven by God.  He knows it all anyways so tell someone around you.  Go to someone and ask for forgiveness.

Knowing that we have that forgiveness from our Savior we can go to others and admit our fault.  We do not have to let things fester and rot inside of us making things worse.  We can let it out the crap and watch it shrivel up and die in the light of Jesus.  We can stop fighting with the people in our lives and fighting with ourselves to justify how great we are.  We can say yes I am a butt head but my God is so very good.

be your own kind of.png








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