Reading the bible Chronologically in 2019

This past year I attempted to read a huge percentage of the bible in a little amount of time. That was an epic fail. I found myself speed reading and not taking anything in. If I missed a day there was no way to make it up in the next days because I couldn’t get the daily reading done much less anything extra.

Instead of thinking I am some sort of crazy person and I can read that much and actually learn something I am going to take a more sane approach and read the bible in a year.

However…I have started this task before and you guessed it…epic fail. Has this ever happened to you? Made it to Leviticus and said ‘I’m done’. Or maybe you are like me and didn’t even make it that far.

I am thinking a little community will help me out. I know when I can talk about what I’m reading I get WAY more out if it. Even if I don’t get ALL of the reading done.

If you miss a day, a week, a month just pick up where we are at and keep moving along.

If you don’t have time to read there are resources that will read the bible too you! Here is one I found and…it is FREE!

I like to read and have had my eye on this bible here. This was a great reason to go and but another bible. As I am typing this it is only 15 bucks. If you have some Christmas cash from Grandma burning a hole in your pocket this might be what you want to use it on. (Grandma would be proud)

The plan is to have a post a week on the readings. It could be from one verse in the weekly readings. A recap. Something new I learned. My favorite story from the section. The possibilities are endless. And if I get really ambitions maybe more than one post week.

I loved having the FACEBOOK LIVES for the Advent Study and I am looking forward to doing a LIVE once a week from the weekly readings.

I will share the readings week by week on the blog and on the Facebook page.

I hope you will join me. Reading the bible in community is a beautiful thing!

4 thoughts on “Reading the bible Chronologically in 2019

  1. Hey Katie – I did your Advent devotional and loved it!! So, I’ve ordered my Bible (should be here by Thursday) and I’ve even shared the idea on a group I administer on Facebook. Hope to have some of my friends and family join in!

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