Job 30:1-Exodus 7:1-13. (Jan 27-Feb 2nd)

January 28th

Job has just vented to God. Pleading with God to show him what he needs to fix so the suffering can end. After he vents and pleads and cries to God he stops speaking.

Job stops speaking

His friends stop speaking

Yet it is not quiet for long.

Elihu, a young man who has been listening, decides that he must speak. He bring the same things to Job as his friends have been saying. He does not being hope. He does not bring comfort.

But we know where the hope comes from. Job has reminded himself and us that a mediator, a redeemer, and a the place where all our hope is found is coming.

Job 35:1-37:24

Job has heard all the bad advice from his friends. His peers, his friends have given him loads and loads of bad advice and bad theology. Elihu is now doing the same thing as Job’s friends. He is giving Job all the things he needs to do. He is presenting who God is in screwed up and just down right wrong ways.

Elihu presents God as watching over people deciding who will get gifts and who will get a punishment for each move they make. This could not be farther from the truth.

The God who Job longingly speaks of is the truth. God is mediator, Redeemer, and the one in control. God is not waiting to punish us for a wrong step he is watching over us and guarding our footsteps.

Tomorrow we will hear from God, in the book of Job, and what He says about Himself.

Job 38:1-41

The friends have stopped speaking.

Job as stopped speaking.

This young kid has stopped speaking.

We finally get to hear from God. In these verses he does not tell all that Job is or all that his friends are. God does not hash out all of the reasons and details of Job’s circumstance. Instead he declared that HE IS GOD.

God goes through a list of the things HE has done. He has been there from the beginning and we can take comfort in that.

He is the God of the sea

“Who kept the sea inside it’s boundaries as it burst from the womb”

Job 38:7

He is the one who created morning.

“Have you made daylight spread to the ends of the earth to bring an end to the nights of wickedness”

Job 38:13

He is the God of springs, light and dark and of weather

“Have you visited the storehouse of snow or seen the storehouses of hail.”

Job 38:22

“Who makes the rain fall on barren land, in the desert where no one lives.”

Job 38:36

He is the God of dew, starts, rain and lightning, and animals.

“Can you stalk prey for a lioness and satisfy the young lions appetite.”

Job 38:39

He is the God of freedom

“Who gives the wild donkey it’s freedom? Who untied its ropes?


We want control of so much. We think we control so much. We think we know so much. We think we have done so much or need to do so much. We think all of these things until we see (or are reminded for the 18 billionth time) who God is and what he has done and who we are and what we receive because of what he has done.

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