Happy National Coffee Day!

Today is national coffee day!!
Coffee has been a part of my life since I was tiny. Chances are I was like my children and enjoyed in in utero courteous of my mother.

I would sit at my grandma’s kitchen table and she would let me spoon as many sugar cubes in my cup as I wanted. Pour cream over the sugar and just enough hot coffee to get the cubes to melt. I would then slurp that milkshake like coffee while I ate her homemade bread, cheese cubes, cookies from the freezer, pies, homemade pickles that bubbled on my tongue, and all her other delicious treats. Over those pots of coffee I learned so much about my family and our history.

My 5th grade teacher brewed himself a pot in the classroom. No cream, so sugar, black. He would sip it as he listed to me fumble through my memorization of bible verses and lines from Luther’s Small Catechism.

In high school I drank the version that looks more like a malt on steroids.

In college serious coffee drinking commenced. I found favorite study spots in the coffee shops in Mankato and if I had enough cash would get the lattes other wise it was black.

My grandparents are both still living (my mothers parents). They live at the end of my parents driveway. No matter the time of day I can walk into grandmas and know there will be hot woods and water in the pot or in the crafte. Grandma will break out whatever indulgent treat she has on hand. Grandpa goes to the basement to get whatever ice cream treat he has found for ‘his dolly’ (my daughter). No mater what I can sit and drink coffee out of mugs with geese and ducks on them.

I can’t host a Bible Study without brewing coffee. If you come to my home I will offer you coffee.

My life has been sculpted over coffee. To this day siting across the table from someone with the cup warming my hand and our words warming the air is one of my favorite things to do. If anyone knows of a job where this is the number one skill hook me up!! I have to admit I am getting close with writing and speaking.

Today I am sitting at a coffee shop with my oldest. Breathing in coffee. Continuing a tradition.

If I ever write a Memoir it will be filled with coffee stains.

What is your favorite memory with coffee?

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