Own it

Most people who know my dad would be able to describe him. And chances are they would be accurate. My dad is a straight forward person.

Most people who know my dad would NOT describe him as a theologian,. BUT something my dad has taught me to do since I was tiny has everything to do with why I’m able to write the way I do about faith and my life.

Since I was tiny my dad has taught me to OWN IT.

My dad and my mom love to get the kids things that bring huge smiles to their faces. My mom is all about the exact sports jersey they want. My dad is all about getting them the things and letting them do the things they may not get to do at home. If it has a motor in it Grandpa is all about getting it for the grandkids.

My parents are fairly avid auction goers. They come home with all kinds of treasures. A few months ago they were able to pick up a golf cart that they have been wanting to have around the place to move garden things or laundry to the clothes line.

Grandpa’s new toy instantly become the latest and greatest thing on the property so my kids all HAD to have a chance at taking it for a spin. Let me tell you…it was an eventful weekend. I watched my daughter whip her brother off of the golf cart because she was taking the curves a little to fast and I watched the three oldest crash the cart. Having kids is often like watching yourself as a kid.

What was my dad’s response to each crash with his brand new golf cart? He went and got a sharpie. He had each of the kids sign the dent, ding, scratch, or gouge with a sharpie.

My dad has always emphasized with us the importance of owning it when we screw up.

He calls it owning it while a pastor or theologian might call it confession.

He did not have the kids sign the golf cart so he could remind them of there screw ups and hold it over there heads. He had them own it and hugged them letting them know he loves it when they come to visit. Even if they are crashing the golf cart and leave a mess in their path.

Because of the love they have from their grandpa my kids can own their mistakes.

Because of the love we have from Jesus we can own our mistakes. We can confess it. We can agree with someone when they come to us with ways we have screwed up. We do not need to hide the dented golf cart behind the shed and under the blanket. We can take it out for a spin.

We can take it out for a spin and tell the people around us about each dent, scratch, and gouge. What’s even better is when can tell them about where JESUS showed up when we did it. We can tell them about his steadfast love in spite of the fact that we crash and burn so many times.

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