The Gift of Faith: A Party with the Great Cloud of Witnesses.

You know what you need for a party?


What other things do you like to have at a party?

I am from the midwest so it’s not a party without food. And the food probably looks like cheese balls, pickles rolled up in ham and cream cheese, cheese and crackers…(do you see the theme?..)

Really the most important thing about a party is the people. During the ‘He Leads’ study Heidi mentioned what she would want at a party is for everyone she invited to show up. All I could think of when she said that was ‘Me too’. That’s what I want is for the people to show up. The people to mingle. The people to connect.

It’s not a party without the people.

This advent we are going to look at the biggest party ever.

Hebrews tells us about ‘the great cloud of witnesses’ that went before us. These are all people who have lived this life and are now in the presence of God. These are the people we will get to party with one day too. We will get to exchange stories of the awesome work God did in our lives.

Who do you want to exchange stories with?

Abraham? Abel? Enoch (this guy strolled right into the full presence of God)? A personal ancestor of yours? A past president? Martin Luther? Mother Teresa? Who is on your list to party with?

The person who made this party what it is, awesome as it will be? Jesus. He did all the work to make sure all of the people in the great cloud of witnesses would be there. He did all the work to make sure you and me will be there.

Jesus knows what makes a great party…people.

I’m not meaning to be blasphemous or irreligious but what if we looked at heaven, being in the full presence of God, more like a field party, or coffee around a kitchen table than an eternal church service? What if coffee with friends and a field party meeting others from the great cloud of witnesses are what we looked forward to?

I hope you will join me and Gretchen Baker starting December 1st for ‘The Gift of Faith: Advent 2019″. We are going to look at the work of Jesus in the lives of those who have gone before us. We will be empowered and humbled by how foolish we can be and how huge the steadfast love of God is for us.

Here is what our time together will look like.

Sunday: A Facebook Live video about the week.

Monday: Intro post on the week’s theme.

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday: A look into the lives of the people who have gone before us and the work Jesus did for them.

Each of these days will also have a short bible verse for you to write out. You can get as elaborate or keep it as simple as you would like.

Some may want to write it out a few times while others may let the creative juices flow with colors, fancy letters, and imagination. Either option is great. I hope you share them on social media and tag me in them too!!! Pretty please I love to see this stuff!

Answer in the comments:

What do you love to bring to a party?

Who do you want to chat with about all the work of God when we are in the full presence of Jesus?

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