During Social Distancing…

Here is what I am up to during social distancing. I’d love to hear what you are doing or what your plans are.

Drinking Coffee….

The hubby and I are both coffee drinkers and we are both home now. We brew 2-3 pots a day. He has a make shift office set up in our bedroom because our actual office does not have a door and all 4 kids are home so…he needs a door…

My favorite coffee is from Gilespie coffee. Our favorite blend is Resurection Blend. During this time of being held up at home I hope it reminds us of the hope we have to come. Regardless of our circumstances we have hope because of the resurection and coffee reminds me of that.

What reminds you of the hope we have during these times of social distancing?

Here is a link to this delicious coffee. Order some up and be reminded of the hope we have because of the resurrection.

Ordering take out like I’m a HERO

The Koplin family will single handedly save the small town resteraunts in our town.

The small town cafe is now a car hop.

The bar in town is now giving away a roll of Toilet paper with ever 20 dollar order. So I get to be a hero and get the oh so coveted butt wipe.

What has been your favorite meal during the self quarantine?

Listening to Podcasts.

Here are my favorites

True Crime Brewery

This is not for everyone. The opening describes the beer they are drinking and during the rest they discuss crimes committed. Dick the husband is also a pediatrician and gives great insights to the medical side of things. Jill the wife is level headed and not afraid to speak her mind about what could be going on in the lives of the people they are studying.



This is my current favorite for a faith based podcast. They talk about current events. So guess what the last few episodes have been about. But it is much more than that. These people talk about their own lives in a real way. More importantly they apply Jesus and all the work he has done FOR US.


The Office Ladies

Pam and Angela talk about all the behind the scene things for the amazing show The Office. If you love the office you will love this show.


What Podcasts are on your list?

I could add a whole more to this list but I will leave you with these BUT message me if you want any more ideas for podcasts!

Watch 90’s movies on Disney+

I was born in the 80’s but so much of what I remember watching is from the 90’s.

Disney plus has a collection called through the decades.

  • Darkwing Duck
  • Tailspin
  • Iron Will (LOVE THIS ONE)
  • Jungle to Jungle
  • Tom and Huck

What are you watching?

Playing the Wii like I am some sort of Gamer

We got to level 9 on Mario Brothers…whoop whoop!! Huge family victory!

Having my kids do the dishes

This one may be my favorite. I don’t want to touch the dishes. I have 4 kids…They are going to get really great at doing the dishes. We have 6 people in this house. We go through ALOT of dishes!

What are your kids learning about right now?

Maybe it’s how to carry the one. Maybe it’s how to navigate you tube. Maybe it’s finding their own lunch.


Before the lock down came I went to the library and stocked up. Books for me. Books for the kids. Books on CD. So much goodness.

I’m currently Reading

  • Martin Luther’s Commentary on Saint Paul’s Epistle to the Galatians (1535)
  • Outlander (because I can’t watch it while the kids are around)
  • The book of Galatians

I have a giant list of what I want to read too.

What are you reading or listening to on all those free sites right now?


Well this blog post for one.

Also I have been making notes on a fiction book I think I want to write. My grandma’s Grandma lived an unique life. Her husband abandoned her and she lived in a dug out for a year. Then in a log cabin.

My daughter is named after this woman and I want to share her story.

I only have bits and pieces but those bits and pieces are so worth sharing.


Without guilt.

Yesterday it was for three hours.

Our bodies need this rest we have been handed.

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