The Good Thing

As a wife and mother of 4 kids I’ve got it pretty good during this time of social distancing. Do I get aggravated and overwhelmed with the amount of noise and number of questions I am asked? You Bet!

Do I miss people? Yes. One of my things I do is drink coffee with people. I love sitting across the table from someone and sharing life. I don’t always have advice. Let’s rephrase that. I don’t have advice but I can give my presence. I can’t do that in the traditional sense right now.

In all reality I’ve got it pretty good during this social distancing thing and it has reminded me of something.

It’s not up to me.

I don’t have control over my life.

God is going to use me where ever I am and in whatever circumstances he has me in. Even in isolation.

The big one here though is it’s not up to me.

Being in this time of social distancing has revealed how much I believe I’m in control and calling the shots when in all reality it’s not about me and what I’m doing.

I want to believe I’m really something and am helping so many people. The truth is God uses me but it’s not about me or what I’m doing.

I want to believe I’m going to execute all the grand plans I have in my head. The truth is God has plans and those are the ones that will actually happen.

I want to believe what I do will change the course of history or at least the history of the lives around me. The truth is God is the only one who has ever changed the story for anyone.

I want to know my routine, have a plan, have a schedule and know what is ahead. The truth is there is no way I could have predicted this type of living.

When Christ came and lived on this earth he lived the life I couldn’t. He died the death I could not. And if I think I could get those things done he rose from the dead.

The work he did is really what changed our stories.

As I sit in social distancing I’m missing so much but I’m also relishing in this reminder

It’s not about what I do. It’s about what Christ has accomplished.

Live in that freedom when you are thinking about doing school from home.

Live in that freedom when you are eating frozen pizza for the 4th time in a week.

Live in that freedom when you take a nap.

Live in that freedom when______________________

you fill in the blank for your current circumstance.

The gospel is not an abstract concept. The gospel changes our everyday.

How does the gospel change/affect your time of social distancing?

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