The Resurrection and COVID-19

Each time we record a service it seems we have heard from our Governor once again that social distancing and #stayinshelter will be lasting a little longer.

Each time I have been telling our Pastor it just means we are going to have one heck of an Easter Sunday.

This morning I was thinking why wait until Easter Sunday.

Regardless of our circumstances. The resurrection happened. Regardless of social distancing the resurrection happened. Regardless of the schooling situation the resurrection happened. Regardless of if we meet together on Palm Sunday or Easter Sunday the resurrection happened. Regardless of how many times I have to separate my children the resurrection happened.

Regardless of__________________ the resurrection happened for me.

Regardless of any circumstance the resurrection happened FOR ME AND YOU. It is a historical event but it’s not something that just happened oh so long ago it happened because of the deep love Christ has for all.

If you are not loving your circumstances right now know that you can embrace that emotion but also remember the resurrection happened for you.

If you can’t find the bright side right now remember that the resurrection happened for you.

Know that one day there will be real rest not just the ‘rest’ that we receive in the here and now. We have rest and freedom because of the resurrection. We also live with our sinful selves and sinful neighbors everyday. His work of making us his own is completed. He is going to come again and make all things new. Now more than most times we can see as a group that we live in the now but not yet.

We are his but he has yet to bring full restoration to ourselves, our neighbors, and the world we live in. One day he will and what a golrious day that will be.

Chances are it won’t change your mood or your current circumstance. Remember still the resurrection happened for you and nothing can take that away. Not COVID-19. Not social distancing. Not homeschooling your kids. Nothing can change the great love God has for you.

Also I have to mention that in this time isn’t it interesting that loving your neighbor means giving them social space? I think there is a huge lesson I would learn more about their… I think it has a lot to do with being less about me and more about the resurrection, what Christ has already done.

Click on the audio below to hear ‘There will be Rest’ from Communion Arts. It was running through my head as I wrote this post.

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