Community and Covid-19

Here we are living in a time when none of us know what to do. We hear different things on the news each night. Different ways to protect ourselves.

On one of the few days I turned on the news it was a day when New York city was setting up make shift hospitals inside of tents. It is the closest thing to war on American soil that I have seen in my life time. No doubt America has been fighting wars but this looked like the pictures of soldier camps I have seen in my history books or the camps described in the historical fiction I have read.

When I write and when I speak my goal is to put Jesus before the eyes of the people I am communicating with.

Another thing I lift up high is community.

We are living in at time when being in physical proximity, physical community is dangerous. Perhaps we do not fear for ourselves but for others in our midst. We fear for the elderly and those with depressed immune systems or respiratory conditions.

All I want right now is community. It shows how important I think community is, and it is. It’s a gift God has given us. He tells us to gather together. He tells us to be there for one another. He tells us to help with the physical needs of the people around us. He tells us to abide with them in their suffering.

While it’s important there are times when I put community over and above Christ.

It does not mean when this time of isolation and social distancing and stay in shelter is over I will not embrace community. I will be having so many playdates, coffee dates. We will be in church. We will be at the playgrounds. We will be at the beaches. We will meet friends for coffee.

What this time in social distancing has shown me is that all we really have is Christ. He is the only thing that can not be stripped from us.

There are other things that I practically rely on more than Christ. Things like a schedule.

I am missing our regular routine. I am missing the house being quiet. I am missing heading over to a friends house for coffee (see that community thing again).

We are grieving the loss of things. We are grieving these losses because we put our hope and trust in these things. Which as people we are going to do. I wish it wasn’t true but after this Covid-19 is done I will be relying heavily and trusting in community again and routine again.

And I’m sure he will use all kinds of situations and circumstances to show me what I’m really trusting in. And the reason he does that is because he wants to have relationship with us. He wants to abide with us. He wants to be our rock. He wants to be our everything.

In summary…stay in shelter sucks

But yet Christ is still here

We grieve and we look to the resurrection when he will make all things new.

What are you missing right now?

What are you looking froward to?

How are you celebrating the Resurrection this weekend?

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