Coming this fall: Freely Given

I hate housework but love listening to podcasts. Laundry, cleaning, dishes all of those things are much more enjoyable when I have something engaging to listen to.

The past couple years I’ve also been pondering the idea of hosting a podcast. But the equipment is expensive and I had no idea what I was doing and I really didn’t want to just talk to myself.

When Gretchen messaged me about doing a podcast with her I was extremely flattered that she would ask me. Once we got to chatting about it I couldn’t believe how similar our visions for what a podcast would look like were.

Gretchen is smart, articulate, funny, humble, and focused on telling people over and over that Christ is for us and on account of him we are forgiven and free. She home schools, lives on a farm, knits, gardens, has 6 kids…you can find out more about her here: Gretchen Ronnevick

1517 graciously allowed us to be on their network which means they purchased equipment for us and guide us through the whole process. If you have no idea what 1517 is you should head over there and see all of their gospel rich resources. Podcasts, books, articles, and conferences. 1517 exists to declare and defend the Good News that we are forgiven and free on account of Christ alone.

What is this podcast about?

Freely given is a podcast to increase faith and freedom rather than guilt and slavery. 

In the vicious cycle of self-help, self-righteousness, and self-loathing, we become a slave to the pursuit of perfection. Through Christ’s own perfection, he has set us free. It is a podcast about the freedom that comes through dependence in Christ, and the practical implications of his love.

The first season we are chatting about spiritual disciplines. These episodes will not be a how to do things like praying, fasting, daily devotions or meditation. These first 10 episodes look at the spiritual disciplines as a way for us to recognize our dependence on Christ and rest in that dependence. It is easy to fall into the idea that if we pray hard enough or read our bibles for enough minutes in the day we won’t need Christ as much. We will keep things under control. But that is not what spiritual disciplines are meant for. These are gifts from God to reinforce our dependence on him and on others.

The first episode will be available soon. (Looks like beginning of September). I hope you will listen, subscribe and most importantly be reminded that In Christ, you are forgiven. Therefore live free as you grow in the grace and knowledge of his love.

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