Forgiven Therefore Free: Table of Contents

Welcome to Forgiven Therefore Free! I am looking forward to studying Galatians along side you this fall!

If you are using the free option on the blog you will find a ‘Table of Contents’ below.

If you would like to purchase a print copy follow the link:

Which ever route you have chosen, online or print, I pray you will be eager to dive into the words from Galatians!

I hope your multiple readings of Galatians will be joy filled and not a drudgery. I encourage people to read it 3 times. I hope you were able to download the printable resources from yesterday’s post!

Wednesday there are journal questions about your expectations of devotional time together. So often we heap on unnecessary expectations of what devotions and Bible reading should look like. These questions will help you see those and see that we have received the adoption as God’s children, therefore we can cry out Abba Father. The download for the day includes a margin illustration to remind you of what we have received on account of Christ.

Thursday will be Journal questions that can be used personally or as a group and a downloadable full page Illustration.

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