Heirs Not Slaves

October 6, 2020

Galatians 3:23-29

Paul wants to make sure we are not held captive under the law; we are not prisoners but we are free through faith.  We are Christ’s. We are heirs, not slaves.

More than once, my children have accused me of being a slave driver and themselves the slaves.  They have a flair for the dramatic.  They have never identified themselves as slaves on their birthdays, while we are at the pool, traveling to grandma’s house, or basking in the sun at the beach.  They never think of themselves as slaves when they are reaping the benefits of being my heir and the heir of my husband.

How often do we forget that we are not slaves to Christ but heirs?

How often do we feel the oppressive weight of the “have to’s” when the have to’s have already been completed.  We are heirs, we are not slaves.  Just like my children, I can have that flair for the dramatic and think about all I am doing for Christ.  I think of myself as a slave to Sunday morning service instead of a gathering of family where we are fed.  I think of my work as building with heavy bricks I’ve forged with my own hands instead of an expression of the love Christ has for me.

I think of myself as a slave when I am gazing at my own work instead of glorying in the work of Christ.  When my children feel as if they are slaves, they fail to see the good gifts they have from being in a loving family.  It is mind-blowingly frustrating to see my sinful tendencies in my offspring.  My kids and I struggle with the same sins.  We are both doing the same thing, I with my heavenly father and they with their earthly parents.  We think of ourselves as slaves when we gaze at our own work instead of seeing the awesome work of Christ.

Gaze at the awesome work of Christ and remember you are an heir not a slave.

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