Podcast: Freely Given


Welcome to Freely Given, hosted by Gretchen Ronnevik and Katie Koplin.

In the vicious cycle of self-help, self-righteousness, and self-loathing, we become a slave to the pursuit of perfection. Through Christ’s own perfection, he has set us free. This is a podcast that comes through dependence on Christ, and understanding the depth of his love.

What we really want to talk about is freedom in Christ because honestly, there’s a lot of “how to be the ‘best or strongest Christian’ out there. 

We want to share how grace isn’t just our means of salvation, but something that carries us through everyday life–and gives us freedom.

We are going to talk about life in Christ, and especially how the distinction between law and gospel helps us live that life of freedom.  

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Episode 1

In this episode Gretchen and Katie start at the beginning. In this episode they each share a bit about their faith, and why the law and gospel mean so much to them. They also share about how spiritual disciplines look like in their own lives, with kids, jobs, and constant interruptions.

Snippet of Episode 5