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In each space of her life, Katie has a passion for empowering people with the great love of Jesus, equipping people to see Jesus at work in their lives and Bibles, and encouraging others to live in the freedom we have because of Christ.  She possesses a BA in Communications from Bethany Lutheran College in Mankato, MN.  Her home is in a small town in western MN where fields of grain meet trees and lakes.  Dallas, her husband, works in agronomy.

In her little nook of the world, Katie leads Bible studies, writes for various sources, speaks at retreats, co-hosts the podcast Freely Given, fills in as an aid at their local library, loves lunch and brewery dates with her hubby, and spends loads of time with their 4 growing kids.  Her latest publication is Forgiven therefore Free: A devotional study journal for Galatians.  As a family, their favorite things are camping, Netflix watching, fishing, and playing Mario Cart.  

Any day Katie has the opportunity to connect with people and illuminate the work of Christ, for them, is a good day in her book.  Good coffee is a bonus.

Katie’s speaking style has been described as engaging, relatable (for all ages and places in life), and spirit-filled.  She strives in each speaking opportunity to make connections, create conversation, dive into scripture, and most importantly illustrate the work of Christ for us.

Possible Speaking Topics/Themes

Forgiven Therefore Free: Galatians

What does forgiveness have to do with freedom?  “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free, stand firm, therefore, and do not submit again to the yoke of slavery.” (Galatians5:1).  Our to-do lists are long and we often forget all that Christ has done for us.  What does it mean to live free, to stand firm in the work of Christ, and to not submit to the yoke of slavery?

He Leads: A Study of Roads

Each of us walks a different road in life.  We each can walk many different roads that take different twists and turns and contain different terrain.  In ‘He Leads’ we look at the places Jesus met people on the road in the Bible and make connections on where he has met, is meeting, and will meet us on the roads we walk.

The Work of Christ 

Christ is the same today as he was when he came to Adam and Eve in the garden.  He is the same God who wrestled with Jacob and that we wrestle with in prayer and life.  He is the same God who came to Moses in a burning bush and assured Him the work that was to happen is about His hands and not Moses’s mouth.  He has been at work for us since creation.  It’s an easy fact to forget or disregard with our hands so busy yet the fact and promise remains-Christ is at work for you.