Blog or Watch ‘The Office’ (for the 99th time)?

The big move is over.  We are beginning to feel kind of, sort of, settled.  As of 1pm this afternoon we have furniture in our living room.  We are missing our North Dakota friends intensely.  We were able to have a great family over earlier in the week for hot chocolate, coffee, apple pie bread pudding, Legos, and beloved conversation.

Before we began the moving process we also decided to try out the homeschooling lifestyle.  There have just been a lot of changes lately, good changes.  A result of change is looking at the ebb and flow of life.  How is life going to look for us in our new home, church, community, town, and state?

I adore writing on this blog, however, before we moved I could not have articulated to any one why I do it.  I probably would have said because I like it.  I like a lot of things but different seasons of life call for different things.  This season of life blogging fits right in.  It’s not regular, it’s not perfectly edited but over the last few weeks and months I have compiled a few reasons why I keep doing it.

#1.  ‘God once spoke through the mouth of an ass.’

The first question I always ask my self when I sit down to write anything on here is why me?  Why should I sit and click away at the keyboard about theology, grace, motherhood, my life?

I’m not an expert.

I haven’t been to seminary.

I have never heard the audible voice of God telling me to type away.

I do have a BA in communication, I do like to write (especially about what I’ve read),

and I did have the benefit of attending a private Christian school K-8 along with a private college where I had the opportunity to be taught by some great theologians  (even if I didn’t realize or appreciate it at the time).

With that much or that little of education I’m probably more dangerous than helpful on my own.  It is probably similar to a freshman in college who has taken their first Psychology class and goes around diagnosing every person in their social circle with a physiological condition.

The truth is it has so little to do with me.  Luther was quoted saying “God once spoke through the mouth of an ass…”  If he can use an ass he can use me.

It has so little do with who I am…And everything to do with who Jesus is.

It has so little to do with what I can do…And everything to do with God who speaks and creates.

# 2.  The Writing Process.

I need to hear this message everyday.  I am loved in spite of myself and it has so little to do with me and so much to do with the Savior.  I need to hear it, talk about it, and process it.

If and when I write about something it forces me to think through it more.  Do I need to do this?…No.  But I sure do love it.

Jeremiah the prophet spoke of a desire.

(and before I go on I do understand I am not Luther nor am I a prophet like Jeremiah but we can glean understandings and maybe even identify how God worked in the life of historical and biblical figures and in our lives).

Jeremiah says “If I say, ‘ I will not mention him or speak any more in his name, there is in my heart as it were a burning fire shut up in my bones, and I am weary with holding it in and I cannot.”

What I glean from his passage is that it’s not Jeremiah who wants to speak but the work of God in his life.  It’s not up to Jeremiah to determine if the message is being spread or what message is being spread, God has and will be sure that the message of his saving work will be disseminated.  He does not use a booming voice from the clouds; he uses people.  He uses you and me.

There is so much freedom in getting to do something instead of having to do something.  Freedom is also found in knowing we are being used by our loving creator and do not need to create on our own.

# 3.  Great is Thy Faithfulness.

It can be so hard to read through the Old Testament and watch the Israelites screw up over and over.  Almost like a horror movie.  You know the naïve blonde girl should not go into the dark basement but she does and meets her demise.  Watching someone fail over and over again is difficult.  If you were to throw a camera up in my home it would be the same feeling of  watching the naïve blonde headed for the basement or reading about the Israelites melt down all of their gold 20 minutes after Moses leaves to head up the mountain.  Except I’m not blonde and I don’t have that much gold.  (If I did…it would be rose gold.)  ;).

The Old Testament also contains a lot of law that reveals just how crappy we are.  But the good parts, the parts to watch for, the hopeful parts are all found in the faithfulness of God.

Adam and Eve disobeyed…God enacted a plan of salvation to ensure they would not be separated forever.

The world got nasty…God cleaned things up and left his promise in the sky that his anger would no longer be pointed at people but instead the bow was aimed toward His only Son. (PS I did not come up with this beautiful theological insight.  I’m almost certain I heard it on 40 MINUTES IN THE OLD TESTAMENT.

Joseph’s brothers threw him in a pit to leave him for dead…God created a way to save and preserve the whole family.

Not our faithfulness but his faithfulness.

Our lives are similar to the saga of the Old Testament.  I’m not saying a Christian biography should be included in scripture.  A Christian life is a narrative that points to the faithfulness of God.  We are living breathing examples of the faithfulness of God.

We may not see it

We may not articulate it

We may not understand it.

But if we could see with clear eyes we would see his unconditional love and forever faithfulness.

Perhaps sometimes we get glimpses of his faithfulness and sometimes we even accurately account it to others.  My hope is that this blog does point to the unconditional love and faithfulness of Jesus.

‘My Story’ by Big Daddy Weave…

#4. I’ve been encouraged.

I’ve been encouraged through other people reminding me of the promises of God and things have been illuminated for me that were not before.  Especially other women, because they may have had similar experiances and communicate the grace of Christ and the faithfulness of Christ by sharing those experiences, feelings, and life circumstances .

The age we live in and the technology we have is scary but it can and is being used for beautiful things.

Here are a few of the women I have been so encouraged by.

Elyse Fitzpatrick

Heidi @ I love my Shepherd

Angela @ She Finds Truth

These are just a few ladies, go check them out!

To close I’m going to leave you with a quote from Heidi Goehman @ I love My Shepherd

“The world has a million questions about God and the gospel, just like we do, maybe more so.  The spirit leads and we share the simple truth of Christ in his word and also in His work in our lives.  Living the gospel doesn’t save us.  Only Jesus Saves.  But this is God’s way – sending the gospel not from humans but to humans because he tenderly loves them enough to work in the visible, you and me.  I can’t make this stuff up.”

If you have time go look up 1 Peter 3:15.

We all have gospel spreading gifts.  What is yours?

You are so loved by the God who created all.









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