January 1st (Reading the whole bible in 2019)

Hey Hey!! Hello 2019!

Today we are in Genesis chapters 1-3. These are chapters of the bible that I have read over and over. I have read these enough times they should probably be memorized. I have read these words so many times because I have attempted to read my bible cover to cover year after year. I may have read Genesis 1-3 numerous times but NOT Revelations 1-3. Hopefully reading together will keep us all on task.

I purchased a new bible for this undertaking. I’m not a detail person and when it arrived and I opened it IMMEDIATELY (meet the mailman in the road actually…) I noticed it was different. I flipped it over and noticed it was a translation I usually do not use. I was disappointed. BUT this morning as I read I was thankful it was the same message but with different words. Because I have tried to read the bible numerous times from cover to cover I have read these words a lot and they are familiar. This familiarity causes me to think ‘I know this I will just skim over this all’. BUT I had to slow down this morning as I read from this different translation.

If you have read these words over and over it is still beneficial to read them again this year. If you have never read these words before it is not to late to start now. Wherever you are I am so glad to have you reading along side me! Wherever you are we are going to learn and see Jesus in these words because that is what the bible is all about.

I would love to hear your thoughts as you read this morning. Intimidation at the task? Assurance that you can do it? Where is Jesus in these first chapters? Write your reflections and questions in the comments!

3 thoughts on “January 1st (Reading the whole bible in 2019)

  1. My Bible came in on Thursday so at first, I was a little intimidated because I’m a person who likes to do things at the right time (until I quit doing them at all, that is!!!) and this was making me start late. Can you tell that I also have tried reading through the Bible in a year before? Anyway, also like you, this is a new translation for me. I found myself reading the stuff in the front of the Bible about how the translation was done and I found that very interesting. (But was I just procrastinating? Afraid to actually try to START and maybe even CATCH UP???) Something in this translation or in this Bible (maybe the pretty pictures that they think I might color in??) has caught my eye and YES, I have caught up and even found myself reading ahead yesterday!! What in the world??? In any case, I am truly looking forward to reading your thoughts as we read together. Thank you so much for organizing this!!


  2. I’m reading through my Bible. I have Mathew to finish, and then several books in the Old Testament. I use a check off sheet. It helps me keep up with where I am reading. I read for a while daily. My goal is to finish by April 21, 2019. This would be on or near this date. It is a goal. I don’t have to meet it, but the challenge furnishes motivation.

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