Lenten Reading Plan: Proverbs and Song of Solomon

I’ve known Pastor Koch since we were kids attending Lutheran school. His dad was my 5th and 6th-grade teacher who was committed to getting me to spell people and beautiful correctly by the time I left his classroom. His mom was my 1st-grade teacher who mended my wounds each time we had to do a mad minute with math facts. After flipping my canoe on a particularly windy day during a youth group canoe/camping trip Tim was a part of the group that went diving for all the lost equipment at the bottom of a deep lake. Pastor Koch is one of my go to’s when I have a question I need to think out. He is one of those people who is encouraging and insightful. When he emailed me this reading plan he has been working on I quickly asked if I could share it with all of you beautiful people.

A note from Pastor Tim Koch of Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Milbank, SD.

“I did this for my congregation. This is a labor of love for them. If you want to take this and run with this and promote it and peddle it and blast it all over the internet, be my guest. I’m sending you the word doc file, so you can go in and take out the “Emanuel Lutheran Church” thing on the first page/cover and replace it with something appropriate for your audience. You could, generically, just cut out the words “of Emanuel Lutheran Church” and that would fit for everyone. Just keep that tiny “A devotion prepared by Rev. Timothy Koch” on the first page/cover, and run with it. Truly. If you think this is helpful for others and want to put in the work to get it in their hands, you have my blessing to do so. Thanks for all the encouragement. Tim”

With his blessing to promote and peddle and blast it all over the internet, I’m going to do just that. Pastor Koch has created these over the last 3 years. This particular Lenten Reading plan goes through the book of Proverbs and Song of Solomon. He set up a schedule to read the two books along with questions to focus your attention on different parts of the text. He also offers a few clarifications on parts of the text that frequently trip people up. At the end of each day, he points the reader to Christ and where He shows up in the text. Our little household will be using this reading plan during lent.

If you enjoy adding pieces of Visual Faith into your devotional time or if you have kids who like to color there are links available at the end of this resource. All of the Visual Faith components come from Visual Faith Ministry and are free for you to download and print.

Here is the downloadable version.

Week 1 (Proverbs 1-4)

Proverbs 3:5-6


Psalm 23


Week 2 (Proverbs 5-9)

Luke 13:31-35


Week 3 (Proverbs 10-15)

Proverbs 14:30


Proverbs 15:30



Luke 2:40-52


Week 4 (Proverbs 16-21)

Proverbs 18:10


Proverbs 16:20


Matthew 2:1-12


Week 5 (Proverbs 22-27)

Proverbs 22:6


Romans 8:37



Luke 14:11


Psalm 51:10 ‘Create in me a clean heart oh God’



Week 6 (Proverbs 28-30 and Song of Solomon 1-2)

1 Peter 3:21-22


Romans 6:3-4


Matthew 28:19


Matthew 26:28



Week 7

Song of Songs 4:7,9


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