Forgiven Therefore Free: Devotional Time

September 16th

Follow the Link about Planning Devotional Time and the idealistic views that can get in our ways.

What are your devotional time fantasies? What keeps you from studying your Bible? Identifying these can help us let go of them. Instead of clinging to an image we have created, we can rely on the Holy Spirit to show us God’s truth.

When our devotional studies do not pan out, it can leave us frustrated instead of encouraged to pick up our Bibles. Our confidence in studying the Bible does not come from us or our images of what Bible study will look like. Our confidence comes from Christ and the Holy Spirit’s work through God’s Word. Here are some verses to work through and ponder about who is at work during our devotional and study time.

Write out these verses.  Then write out these verses in your own words..  Writing them out helps us focus, slow down, and understand the words.

Who does the Holy Spirit point us to? John 15:26  and John 14:26

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